The 2020 release party has ended.

In view of the risk of infection by the new coronavirus, we have set a limit on the number of people who can make a reservation. We would appreciate your understanding.

Starting at night the day before until dawn the following day, we will release hatchlings that have just escaped on the beach at night. 

*Before their release, you can actually hold the hatchlings and take pictures with them, which will be a precious memory of Ogasawara.



Location: Kopepe Beach or Miyanohama Beach

Start time: 19:30 (registration starts at 19:15)

Period: July to September (*This is just a rough estimate. If there are no hatchlings during this period, the event will not be held.)

Participation fee

Junior high school students and older: 1,500 yen per person 

Elementary school students: 500 yen per person

*Free of charge for children under elementary school age (*We do not accept participation by children under elementary school age only.)

How to participate: On the day of the event, the Ogasawara Marine Center’s Facebook page ( will indicate whether or not the event will be held.

*Please confirm the time and location of the event and make a reservation by phone.

*In consideration of the risk of infection by the new coronavirus, we have set a limit of 10 people.


Contact Number: [8:00-17:00] 049-982-2830 / [after 17:00] 090-1461-3171

Note: We will meet and disperse at the site, so please make your own arrangements for transportation.

Please note that the night-time release of baby turtles will be at night (from 19:30), so there will be no village bus service.


For any other inquiries, please feel free to email us at

If you are using a cell phone, please make sure that your phone is set to receive e-mails.