Everlasting Nature (ELNA), the certified NPO that operates the Ogasawara Marine Center, is always looking for more ways you can support and participate in our activities. Lack of funds is the main concern of NPOs and conservation organizations around the world, so securing funds for our activities is always a problem for us. Lack of funds also means lack of personnel. Although environmental conservation itself is recognized as necessary and important by the public, the reality is that funds for activities are not plentiful, and even when the economy improves, funds for activities are only available at the last minute. Therefore, we are working every day with the aim of conducting conservation activities that will make not only the environment but also the people around us smile, so that we can receive support from as many people as possible, even if it is only a small amount.

If you would like to participate in conservation activities, please contact us!

The Ogasawara Marine Center, which focuses on research, conservation, and environmental education of green sea turtles and humpback whales, which are threatened to extinction worldwide. This is a great opportunity to work as a volunteer staff member to support our overall activities. 

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ELNA was certified by Kanagawa Prefecture and became a certified NPO on June 25, 2013. As a result, those who donate to ELNA and those who are members of ELNA can receive a tax deduction for their donations by filing a tax return. Please click here to find out how you can support the ELNA as a tax-deductible donation.