Here are some of the tour guides and lodges that support ELNA’s vision of “aiming for a world that can sustain not only living things, but also human activities related to living things, on the absolute condition that species are not extinct. In addition to ocean tours and mountain tours, we also offer tours that include “sea turtle spawning” and “nighttime hatchling turtle release parties,” so please take a look.

About Tour Guide Supporting Members: In addition our tours such as “Nighttime Release of Baby Turtles,” our tour guide supporting members also offer a variety of other sea and land tours.

link_boninblue_shima 小笠原エコツアーガイド ボニンブルーシマ Ogasawara Eco-tour Guide Bonin Blue shima

They specialize in land (forest and mountain) guiding! They try to give tours that are fun and give you a deep understanding of the Ogasawara Islands. You can also experience the departure (release) of baby turtles during night tours in the summer (depending on the day).


小笠原自然探検隊ONE  Ogasawara Nature Expedition ONE

They will take you to the beautiful islands and seas, surrounded by blue seas and green forests, clean air, under a dazzling sunshine and star-filled skies. Enjoy the nature of the Ogasawaras to the fullest with this tour that lets you experience nature!


竹ネイチャーアカデミー Bamboo Nature Academy

They are a team of guides who can take you to both the sea and the mountains. Through their own conservation activities, they have revitalized the forest in heritage areas, which used to be dominated by wild species, into an observation field. Why don’t you think seriously about conservation and tourism methods?


パパスダイビングスタジオ Papas Diving Studio

They offer a variety of tours in the ocean and on land. During the in-season, you can, of course, take night tours and participate in nighttime turtle release parties. Enjoy the nature of the Ogasawara Islands to the fullest!



Newly opened in June 2015. They offer a wide range of services including accommodation, tours, and restaurants. Please take a look at their website.


小笠原ツーリスト Ogasawara Tourist

Helping to make your trip a memorable one, leave your Ogasawara travel to them! The only travel agency with an office on Chichijima. They are the only travel agency with an office on Chichijima, and their strength is that they are a “locally operated” company.


自然探検ガイド ソルマル Nature Exploration Guide Solmar

They offer sea kayak tours and forest/mountain tours where you can experience the dazzling sunshine and blue ocean of the Ogasawara Islands! They will help you create smiles and memories with nature tours that include the latest information!


小笠原観光(有) Ogasawara Kanko Co.

Dolphin, whale, and South Island tours are open year-round! They are committed to providing the best support for your Ogasawara travel. You are welcome to join them on our ocean tours and land tours, even if you are on your own!


戦跡ガイド板長 War Remnants Guide

All about battle sites! The famous tour guide “Itacho” will take you to the battle sites based on his solid knowledge and information. Why don’t you experience the stories told by a historical storyteller and discover the battle sites still seen today?


マルベリー Mulberry

Would you like to look for green sea turtles laying eggs on the “Sea Turtle Night Tour” held the day before sailing in June and July? They can take you on a night tour in the summer if you wish to participate in the nighttime release of hatchlings.


We recommend the FISH EYE Diving Pack, which is a great deal for diving! They also offer dolphin swimming and whale watching!


クレセント Crescent

This inn is located on Miyanohama Road with a great view. All rooms are equipped with bathrooms. Wireless LAN available in every room. Please enjoy your stay and call them at 04998-2-2653.


語りべマスオ Kataribemasuo

They offer a variety of tours that cover Ogasawara history, the forests and mountains, snorkeling, and star gazing. If you’re interested in photography, you’re in luck! Grab your camera and take pictures of the Ogasawaras in search of great subjects!


Located in the Omura district, this inn is very convenient for both town and beach. You can see Futami Bay spreading out in front of you from the rooftop and even from the bathroom.

Relax in a special space where you can enjoy the view of Futami Bay from the rooftop and even from the bathroom.

ピールアイランド・ガイドサービス Peel Island Guide Service

Experienced guide Takashi Kaneko will show you around the relaxing Chichijima Island!