Are you a local Ogasawara island and would like to participate in our idea of “Volunteering for the islanders, by the islanders”?


At the Marine Center, there are two main types of work. We are looking for volunteers to assist with these tasks. Why don’t you spend a part of your day off to come in contact with sea turtles? It’s ok to participate only in the morning or afternoon, once a month, with friends, or just for breeding! Please let us know at least one day in advance, and you can quickly participate according to your own schedule.

About Sea Turtle Breeding Tasks

Of course, cute sea turtles are living creatures, so we take care of them 24/7 at the Marine Center where we keep them. Sea turtles also get hungry and their tanks get dirty. If you don’t polish their shells often, they can get sick. There are many other things to take care of, but why don’t you join us in taking care of these cute sea turtles? You will be able to interact with a lot of them, from big ones to little ones.

Volunteering Tasks

Depending on the timing, you may also be able to tag turtles for release or transplant sea turtle eggs.

About Survey of Natural Beaches

In addition to breeding, we also conduct monitoring surveys of green turtles that come to the Ogasawara Islands to lay their eggs. We help to conserve green turtles, an endangered species and an important tourist and fishery resource in the Ogasawara Islands. We go to Chichijima but also to Hahajima and Mukojima for research. This is a great opportunity for islanders and sea lovers because you will be able to visit beaches that you would not normally go to in your daily life or on tours.


〈Volunteering Tasks〉

Survey of the number of egg-laying nests: survey the number of egg-laying nests and the number of landings on each beach

Post-hatching survey: after the hatchlings have escaped from their nests, we dig out all the hatchling shells to check their hatching status

Omura Coast Conservation Survey: during the spawning season, we perform daytime surveys of the number of nests and post-hatching surveys, as well as nighttime patrols


The distance between people and sea turtles is very close in Ogasawara. Since we live in such a wonderful environment, I urge you to join us at least once! You’ll learn a lot about sea turtles, and I’m sure your view of them will change.


Finally, as a volunteer you perform duties and work related tasks. If you just want to have a look, please come to the museum as a regular customer.


For your own safety, please follow the instructions of the center staff and act in a cooperative manner. On top of that, we will teach you everything you need to know, so please feel free to contact us first.

TEL: 04998-2-2830