Living facilities: Accommodations (shared rooms) are located on the premises (with air conditioning). Kitchen, showers, toilet, washing machine, etc. are shared.

Bank Location Available: Japan Post, Agricultural Cooperative Credit Union, and Nanashima Credit Union are available. Withdrawals can be made with a bank cash card.

Communication: Mobile phone communication is available. Wi-Fi is available in the shared rooms.

Medical Facilities: There is a medical clinic, but please bring your own medicine. Please make sure to bring your insurance card (or a copy). If you wear contacts or glasses, please bring a spare pair in case you lose them.

Insurance: We will provide you with accident insurance (volunteer insurance) valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. It is valid for all volunteer activities throughout Japan. If you have already purchased this insurance, please let us know in advance.

Days off: Depends on the progress of the work, but at least one day a week. Please contact us if you need other days off.