The following is a list of the minimum items needed to participate in activities at the Marine Center.


Essential Items to bring (available for purchase at Chichijima)

  • Waterproof watch
  • Hat (to prevent heatstroke)
  • Insurance card (if you bring a photocopy of your insurance card, you will be charged the full amount at the time of treatment and will receive a refund after you return home)
  • Spare glasses and eye contacts
  • Extra medicine
  • Rain jacket (to keep wind and rain out)


Items to bring for January to May

  • Sunglasses (polarized because of the strong reflection on the sea surface). Polarized sunglasses will also make it easier to observe your surroundings and protect your eyes.
  • Windbreaker (any type of windbreaker will do, as long as it is windproof and coldproof)


Items to bring for March-December

  • Swimsuit
  • 3-piece snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, fins)


Other Items

  • Cell phone
  • Flashlight
  • Camera (cannot be used while on duty)
  • Sunscreen
  • If you want to make the most of your time off, we recommend that you bring your own hobbies (surfboard, musical instruments, etc.)


What to wear in different seasons

Summer: The temperature and humidity are both high. Short sleeves, short pants, and a five-day supply of underwear are recommended.

Winter: Although Ogasawara has an image of being warm all year round, the temperature can drop below 18 degrees Celsius from autumn to early spring (November to March). Long sleeves (e.g., sweatshirt and fleece) and long pants are a necessity, so be sure to bring them if you are participating in the winter. We have some spare T-shirts, shorts, and towels that can be worn during your daily work, so feel free to use them.